We Make Your Phone Ring!

We Make Your Phone Ring!

Phone4Health is a performance based marketing service that delivers potential patients directly to your hospital.
We receive thousands of calls from patients searching for a healthcare provider, we seamlessly transfer these patients
directly to our hospital clients.
Simply said...We Make Your Phone Ring!

It''s as easy as 1-2-3!

Each hospital client selects:

(1) The type of providers or product lines in need of new patients
(2) The zip codes from which to receive calls
(3) The number of patients desired.

Our easy to use telephony system directly matches each patient''s call to our hospital client''s chosen criteria. Our hospital clients only pay for patients connected to their call center, imagine that...you only pay for calls received!
This is the founding principle of what our program is based on, enabling each healthcare organization to take part in a performance based, marketing solution.

Utilizing our service enables you to better track your marketing investments, gain market share and ensure that your dollars are being spent on health-centric consumers within your service area. Each client has a dedicated project manager and account manager to ensure the program''s success.
Everyday our clients are sent a report that details all account activity and includes pertinent information regarding the calls that have been transferred, allowing for maximum trackability and revenue reconciliation! These added feature sets, along with our superb customer service, allow each client to accurately measure the success of the program.

But wait...there''s more!

Unlike the thousands of healthcare marketing programs available, we provide the ultimate flexibility. Each client is able to alter their program: product selection, zip codes, etc.,
at any time! Due to the flexibility and performance based nature of our program, each client utilizes our program to complement the seasonality of healthcare, variability of available marketing dollars, promotion of new centers of excellence, etc.
Just think about it...let''s say a significant marketing campaign did not drive the consumer response desired...there is a solution!
Each day we receive thousands of calls from consumers in your area, requesting services that you provide. Phone4Health can directly connect these potential patients to your hospital and ensure that you will only pay for the calls received.
Contact us now, to find out how many new, potential patients are in your area,
searching for you!

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